Aisle Wedding Decorations Design Tips and Ideas


Aisle Wedding Decorations – Design Tips and Ideas

As soon as the bride starts walking down the aisle, everyone gasps at her radiant beauty. This part of the wedding ceremony is no doubt one of the most special and awaited moments on the couple’s big day. Everything about and around the bride is captured – her smile, her wedding attire, the bridal bouquet, and of course, the wedding aisle. It goes without saying that wedding aisle décor is something that you have to consider on your big day.

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Add a touch of style to your ceremony space with any one of these gorgeous aisle wedding décor ideas. Truly, you deserve to have a wedding as unique and as special as you.

Flower petals

In this design, choose one flower color for your aisle décor and other details such as the altar. Line both sides of the aisle with flower petals. Add candles in tall glass jars and place them at key points in equal distances along the aisle.

Candles and candelabras

For an outdoor wedding, make it more romantic by using candles and candelabras in varying heights. What a simple way to decorate a venue that’s already beautiful by nature!

Pampas grass in large jars

Another way to keep things simple is by using large jars or vases. Add tall stalks of pampas grass in each jar for a dramatic aisle décor.

Palm fronds and waxy leaves

Decorating your beach wedding can be easier when you use the flora and fauna from the surrounding outdoor space. One unique design is using palm fronds and waxy leaves for arrangements on each aisle.

Bohemian rugs and hurricanes

Bring warmth to a winter ceremony with colorful rugs and hurricanes. Spread the rugs in the middle of the aisle as well as by the altar. Add some hurricanes on the side to achieve a bohemian vibe.

Bright colored flowers

Create a nice contrast to an all-white aisle with green, pink, and red floral arrangements. The bright colors of the flowers add a dramatic touch to any wedding theme.

Full plants

Use full plants instead of individual flowers to bring out the feeling of a garden in bloom. Potted plants will give your wedding venue a more organic vibe.

Florals and lanterns

A shady outdoor wedding can look brighter by adding lights to the setting. Line the aisle with florals and lanterns for a shining effect. Make sure the lanterns’ height falls slightly lower than the chairs.

Floral canopies and dreamy glass globes

Achieve a “secret garden” vibe indoors by designing an ethereal space. Use floral canopies and dreamy glass globes to give added lighting over the whole aisle.

Hanging flowers

Looking for a way to add more interest to the venue’s white seats? You can easily add a touch of elegance by making a floral arrangement of garden roses, dahlias, and greenery and let them hang on the chairs along the aisle.

Garland lining

Normally, we see a garland that lines the floor. For an added twist, you can also try lining the chairs in the venue. Place the garland carefully so your guests would still be able to get in and out of their seats without the danger of tripping.

Mammoth bundle of flowers

Want to have the look of all-white blooms in your wedding? Make a statement-worthy aisle by placing a mammoth bundle of white flowers at the end of each line of seats.

Gravel on aisle

Add character to a Tuscan wedding by covering the aisle with gravel. Make it more beautiful by designing each seat by the aisle with simple floral and fern arrangements.

Woodsy wedding

Giving your aisle a woodsy wedding feel is a no-brainer. Simply use plenty of sedums, verbena, and lush greenery for a quick woodsy effect.

There you have it! We hope you learned valuable decorating tips and ideas that will be useful to your future wedding. If you have some ideas to share, simply hit the comment box below. See you in the next video. Make it a great day!

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